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The Warlock of Westland Series

Small town warlocks, big trouble.

The Warlock of Westland

Sam is an immortal warlock whose life revolves around a failing hardware store in rural Southern Connecticut. His self-imposed isolation is interrupted when the Warlock Council assigns him to help an evil warlock living in his village. The desperate warlock happens to be Sam’s ex-boyfriend from two thousand years ago, Cailte the Cruel.

Cailte hasn’t used that name since the iron age. Now he’s Kevin MacCormack, a recently unemployed stockbroker. Kevin spends his days bewitching the villagers and making potholes for fun. The last thing he needs is a good warlock like Sam cramping his style.

The warlocks must work together to track a dangerous ghost that Kevin accidentally released in Westland. Meanwhile, Sam has fallen in love with Kevin all over again. He’s ready to do anything to make it work, including tolerating Kevin’s self-serving magic. Kevin isn’t as sure that it’s meant to be. Sam’s small-town charm starts to grow on Kevin just as they realize the ghost's devastating power.

This is a HEA, enemies to lovers contemporary paranormal small town male/ male romance.

This is the first book in the Warlock of Westland Series

  1. The Warlock of Westland 1

  2. The Warlock of Westland 2: The Witch of Westland

  3. The Warlock of Westland 3: The Warlock of New Randolph

The Assassin’s Homecoming

Available on Kindle Unlimited and in the Amazon bookstore!

The assassin Klaus and his boyfriend Magnus pack up their tricorns and leave the American colonies for a European adventure. Their vacation is derailed when British Intelligence offers Klaus a job with his old war buddy Schmidt. Klaus accepts the job to placate Magnus’s curiosity about the assassin lifestyle.

Schmidt’s team of assassins must escort 50,000 silver coins from Munich to Venice. The team uses a hip music festival called Coachfest as their cover for traveling. Magnus volunteers to pose as a wealthy businessman and the rest of the assassins play the part of his hired bodyguards.

Things get complicated when Klaus discovers his ex is on the team. Francois is a sharpshooter who’s deadly within 10 yards but devastatingly handsome from any range. The job becomes a competition they’re both determined to win.

There’s more to the job than meets the eye. Awaiting the assassins on the road to Venice are bandits, sharpshooters, swordfights and some really big egos.

This is a medium steam male/male HEA historical romance written with modern language and dialogue. TW: BDSM scenes and substance use.

"The Assassin's Homecoming" is the second book in "The Assassin's Captive" series:

1. The Assassin's Captive

2. The Assassin's Homecoming

The year is 1737, and Magnus, the wealthy son of a Connecticut oligarch, has been kidnapped by a handsome assassin. It’s Magnus’ first time away from his father’s mansion and all he can think about is what’s beneath his kidnapper’s sword belt.

His kidnapper, Klaus, is a former German mercenary. Everything about him is intimidating: the long sword he wears as a former dragoon, his tall black riding boots, and his eyepatch. However, beneath the intimidating countenance is a lonely misanthrope. He’s tempted by his captive’s wide shoulders and strong body but has sworn off serious commitment to atone for the decapitation that ended his last relationship.

As they wait for the ransomers to arrive, Klaus introduces Magnus to BDSM. Magnus discovers an appreciation for the explicit boundaries and the sensation of Klaus’ whip. He gets the chance to do things with a man that he’s only ever fantasized about. For Klaus, it’s a conquest reminiscent of his days on the battlefield. This time, pleasure and pain are the only weapons at his disposal.

Magnus acclimates to the new sensations of whips, paddles, and the tugging in his chest he’s afraid to call ‘love.’ Can they ever return to the life they had before the kidnapping?

Steam level: Scorching!

This is a male/male enemies to lovers historical romance/comedy. It contains multiple open door scenes, has explicit consent, and a HEA. The dynamic? Magnus is eager to try new things and Klaus just wants to spoil him.

This is the first book in "The Assassin's Captive" series:

1. The Assassin's Captive

2. The Assassin's Homecoming

Bonus Stories from “The Assassin’s Captive”

A series of steamy bonus stories about the characters from “The Assassin’s Captive” featuring longer backstories, side missions, and modern day settings.

Read online on Kindle Vella. First three chapters are Free!


The year is 1736, and the pirate Captain Lawrence has been kidnapped by a handsome Spanish pirate, Dom. Lawrence is fresh out of a tumultuous relationship with a Captain in the British Navy, and ready for love again. The first thing on his mind is knocking boots with his captor.

Dom’s being blackmailed into leading a Spanish invasion that’s doomed to fail. His life and the fate of the entire Caribbean hang in the balance. Meanwhile, he struggles to contain his feelings for the slender tattooed Captain Lawrence, especially during the nights together in the cabin they share. Dom’s so touch starved that one glance at his captive’s lithe body is enough to set a fire within him.

Dom opens his heart and his bed to his captive as they scheme to sabotage the invasion. The stakes get even higher when Lawrence discovers that his British ex is commanding the garrison that’s the invasion’s first target. He must save the man he used to love, and win the pirate he’s fallen in love with.

Steam level: Medium. Multiple open door scenes and they all have explicit consent.

This is a male/male historical romance/comedy that includes tropes such as: fake-turned real marriage, enemies to lovers, sharing a bed, and a HEA.

Against a Current of Better Choices

An “Assassin’s Captive” side story about Franky and Kenny during the war.
Read on Kindle Vella! First three chapters are free!

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